Cyblog Docs


  1. Installing Cyblog
  2. The manual - Read the manual and familiarise yourself with Cyblog!
  3. Templates - Read about templates.
  4. Basics of Cyblog - A basic intro to Cyblog.

Basics of Cyblog

  1. Install Cyblog using the instructions in the README.
  2. Put the following into a file and save it as hello.cyblog.

    <!-- cyblog-meta
    @title Hello, world!
    Hello, world!
  3. Run Cyblog with cyblog hello.cyblog.
  4. Congrats! You just wrote your first Cyblog document. The result should be saved as hello-dist.html, which you can now open with your favourite browser.
  5. To learn more about Cyblog syntax, read the manual and examples/demo.cyblog.

Building directories

  1. Run Cyblog with cyblog dirname to build an entire directory. Cyblog recursively walks the directory tree and builds all the .md and .cyblog files it finds, preserving nested folders, etc.
  2. The result should be stored in dirname-dist. Cyblog will simply copy over any files it doesn't understand.