Installing Cyblog

First, you'll need deno installed. Make sure it's on your $PATH!

You'll also need make. On Linux and WSL, make can be installed from all major distributions' package managers, and may even come preinstalled.

On macOS, make can be installed by running:

xcode-select --install

Alternatively, you can install it from Homebrew by running:

brew install make

in a terminal.

On Windows, you can install make via Chocolatey using PowerShell. After installing Chocolatey, type:

choco install make

Alternatively, you can use GNUWin32 (untested) or use WSL/WSL2 if you have them installed.


$ git clone
$ cd cyblog
$ make

Cyblog uses deno install to install itself. Therefore, it's installed to one of the following locations in order of preference:

Thus, to change where Cyblog is installed, set the DENO_INSTALL_ROOT variable. If you'd prefer to install an executable to a different paths, see manual install below.

Cyblog also copies its config files to one of $XDG_DATA_HOME, ${home}/.local/share, ${home}/Library/Application Support, or %APPDATA%, depending on your platform. This location can be changed/overriden by setting the CYBLOG_DATA_DIR environment variable to the absolute path of the directory you want Cyblog to put its files inside, and Cyblog also falls back to it if you're on an operating system other than Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Note that you'll need to set this environment variable every time you run Cyblog.